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Welcome to our site for the breeding of Goshawks and Falcons, we are a small time breeder but with a very professional approach only choosing to breed with the best hunting specimens we have at our disposal and are constantly looking to improve and invest in good hunting blood stock, our lines are prominently from Keith Sherry, Don Mosley, Harry Gilbert, Andy Margereson and Mick Kane who we believe to have some of the top hunting lines in the country. We also have wild stock imported from Germany and are keen to import from other EU country's in the future.
Our passion and philosophy is to produce totally 100% parent reared young never interfering with the natural cycle of breeding, with the young only having human contact once at ringing. However we have a few pairs that produce more than 4 eggs, the surplus eggs are taken and incubated and sold into the imprint market,one of the reasons we remove the eggs is that we have found the males struggle to cover 6 eggs and frequently break or allow them to get chilled. We could overcome this by taking the male out but we believe he has a major role to play in rearing the young which all adds up to making the young 100% parent reared.We do produce some very nice sized birds; our females around the 3 lbs 3 mark and males 2 lbs 3, but its not size we are all about- it's that dogged never say never attitude hunting ability you should expect from a gos; the male that's got real balls taking on full grown rabbits and cock bird's time after time, the female that wants to take a hen bird in flight rather than when it puts into cover thats the type of bird we wish to produce!Last year we exported a gos to Spain to an ex-pat, he entered her into a flying trial with 60 other Gos's over three days, not only did he reach the final on the last day but he ended up 3rd overall Without taking anything away from the falconer the mother and father of this bird were outstanding hunters and we believe this is passed on genetically to their offspring giving the falconer a good start even before training begins makes all the headache and heartache of producing parent reared gos's all worthwhile.



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